Tongue and Groove Panel Kit 4.5m

Our new 4.6m Tongue and Groove panelling kit is available now.

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Our new 4.6m Tongue and Groove panelling kit is available now.

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NEW to Hare Wall Panelling.

Our 4.6m tongue and groove panel kit is available now.

The kits consist of 4 lengths of dado rail, 55 lengths of tongue and groove boarding (each cut to 800mm) and 10m of sticky foam strip to hold the tongue and groove boarding firmly in place.

We were getting so many orders for just dado rails and realised that customers wanted it for tongue and groove panelling.

Note that you actually get a little more than you need for 4.6m but we allow extra for cutting and damage during installation.

Note that if you want tongue and groove of different lengths to 800mm, please contact us – our full lengths come in at 2400mm

TO INSTALL, first fix the dado on top of your skirting (or directly above the floorboards if you have no skirting) with the rebate side upwards – loosely to start with, so that the boards will fit in more easily.

Then slot together a few tongue and groove boards, and stick a length of the sticky back foam along the back of the boards near the top and near the bottom. This helps hold them together a little while you are installing, but more importantly it pushes the panelling against the rebate of the dado so there should be no need for additional fixings.

Once this section is slotted into the dado, do the same with another few boards and repeat, slotting them in to the last section you did. If necessary, rest something against the panelling to hold it against the wall until you finish fixing.

When you have all the boards in place, fit the top dado in place (with the rebate pointing downwards of course) and tighten it all up to fix the panelling in place.

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