Telephone Orders

June 26th 2020. It hasn’t been an issue for us in past years, but just recently, quite a few customers have asked us to take their orders over the phone, so we’ve enabled Virtual Terminal by Paypal – it lets us take customers credit card details over the phone, giving another way to pay. We do not store credit card details ourselves, they are processed by Paypal using their secure system in real time. If for any reason, we cannot run the details through at the time of the customer phone call, we will destroy their card details as soon as the transaction is processed in Virtual Terminal.


January 2020. We have refined our shipping costs so that when you make a smaller order (up to about 15kg in weight), the shipping charge is automatically set to £12.50 + VAT instead of the standard £25 + VAT.

Please note that we are charged a minimum of £30 by our courier for any week that we use them, so if we only have 1 order to go, and it is at the lower rate, we may hold on to that order until we have others to send with it. Note that if an order can be packed as a single parcel, less than 1.5m long, we may be able to use Royal Mail Parcel Force so you do not have to wait for our courier to collect.


January 2020. Apologies for this but the latest price increases to MDF mean that since 2016, our raw material costs have gone up over 40%. We have therefore taken the difficult decision to raise our prices by 10%.

Stair Kits

February 14th 2017. Our wall panelling kits have made it so much easier to work out requirements. So, we’ve launched a stair panelling kit to make that easier as well. This kit will panel one side of a ‘standard’ staircase, so if you live in a fairly standard house, with a straight staircase, our kit could be just the thing.

Extra wall panelling Kits

February 2017. We have introduced wall panelling kits that swap skirtings for dado for those people who don’t want the trouble of removing their old skirting boards and replacing with ours – you can use an upturned dado rail on top of your skirting and it does the job – easier to fit – and it’s even cheaper.


February 2017 – We have had to raise our prices for the first time since 2012. Unfortunately, the currency exchange rate has made our panels 20% more expensive (they come from Ireland) and although we source our long items from the UK, they have increased by 21%. We have increased our prices on average by 7%.

 We’ve got a new website.

Yes at last, we’ve got a website that will work on tablets and phones without having to squint.

Covid-19. we are open as normal, being a home based business. Read more Here