Skirting Panel Kit 4.6m. (7pan, 1fip, 1es, 3js, 2dado, 2sk)

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Our wall panelling kits make it easy to buy our wall panel system. Each pack does 4.620 metres centre to centre (or 4.665 metres edge to edge) of wall panelling and consists of 7 wall panels, 1 Fill in panel, 2 skirting, 2 dado, 3 joint strip and 1 end strip. This is all you need to create 4.6 metres of beautiful deep moulded panelling that looks just like solid wood.

So, as an alternative to having to measure your space in detail and order specific amounts, use our kits to panel each 4.6m length of wall.

Once fitted, just, paint your colour of choice and you have a fantastic wood panelled look for a fraction of the price of solid timber.
Wall Panelling Kit – all items are white primed MDF – ready for painting.
SEVEN Wall Panels, each 618mm x 782mm
ONE Fill in Panel, 110mm x 971mm
ONE End Strip, 2435mm x 45mm x 14.5mm
THREE Joint Strips, 2435mm x 45mm x 14.5mm
TWO Rebated Dado, 2435mm x 58mm x 18mm
TWO Rebated Skirting, 2435mm x 145mm x 18mm

Alternatively, order exactly what you need individually on our main order page.

Hare Wall Panelling 4.6m kit
7 panels and all the skirting, dado and joint strips you need for 4.6m of panelling
Hare 4.6m Panlelling Kit
In our 4.6m panel kits, you get everything shown here – except Smartie dog!

Please note that for 2020 we have added 1 extra joint strip as we were getting quite a few customers coming back for extras as they hadn’t realised they needed more at corners.

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