About Us

Hare Wall Panelling was formed in 1989 as Hare Wood Products by Derick Hare to provide specialist products for the staircase manufacturing industry.

In 2005 the business began trading as Banisters Ltd. Also in 2005, Banisters moved to a new site close to the M1 on the East side of Leeds, from where they distributed throughout the UK and Eire.

In 2012, Derick Hare, the founder of the company, retired and asked Tim and Sarah Sharp to take over the wall panelling part of the business. Tim had been working with Derick for many years, designing his original website in 2001.

Tim Graduated in Architecture with a Bsc (Hons) at London in 1980. Sarah graduated in Teaching with a BEd (Hons) in 1978 at Ripon College and Leeds University. They met during Sarah’s first degree year and have been together ever since. They have 1 daughter Lydia, born in 1998.

Tim went on to work with the first CAD systems in Steelwork and Building Cladding Systems, managing and developing the software for aiding the design processes, before becoming a full time Website Developer in the early days of the Internet when things were so much more simple!

Sarah was a teacher in Middle School for many years, then in 1997 started managing mail order companies – first Hill Toy Company and then Beckett and Graham, gradually seeing the influence of the Internet grow.

Tim’s background in architecture and web design and Sarah’s background in Mail order were ideally suited to take over the all online mail order panelling business.

Tim and Sarah’s aims are always to provide the same very high quality service that customers were used to from Banisters/Hare Wood Products and build up awareness of the wall panelling system. We are retired from our jobs and now concentrate on the Wall Panelling.

If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect whatever of our products, please contact us. We are totally committed to customer satisfaction and thrive on your feedback!